Marshall Academy of Dance 2019-2020 Season 

                     Prices and Policies

Dear Parents and Dancers,


We are very excited that you have chosen to be a part of Marshall Academy of Dances’ 2019-2020 dance season. Thank you for the continued support and trusting M.A.D with your dancer(s). Classes will begin Tuesday, September 3rd. Listed below are the prices and policies, please read carefully, and keep handy throughout the year.  



Tuition is divided into 9 equal payments throughout the year (September through May). September tuition and the insurance fee are due September 6th. Tuition every month after is due the first Friday of each month, preferably through an online payment or a check turned into the check safety box in the hallway at MAD. 


Hours Taken/Week         Rate/Month

30 Minutes—————— $40

45 Minutes—————— $45            

1 Hour———————— $50

1 1/4 Hours——————$55

1 1/2 Hours—————— $60

2 Hours————————$70

2 1/2 Hours——————-$80

3 Hours————————$90

3 1/2 Hours——————-$100    

4 Hours————————$110

4 1/2 Hours and up———$120



-The first half of costumes will be due September 13th and the second half of costumes will be due September 20th.  

-Dancers will be measured the first week of class for their costumes.

-Costumes are used for both Winter and Spring recitals.

-Classes not in recital will not be charged a costume fee. 

-Strength/flexibility training, technique, jumps and turns/acrobatics, dance team technique and competition choreography are not in recital and will not be charged a costume fee.

-Tumbling costumes will be found on your own so there will not be a costume fee for those classes. Teachers will give out more details later. 

-Costume fees do not cover the expense of shoes and tights.

-For orders placed after the studio order has been submitted there may be an additional fee and/or a similar costume may need to be ordered if the costume is out of stock. 


Level                                                                    Amount

Preschool Class and Tots Class———————$55 Costume    

Ballet/Tap Class and Mini Kids Hip Hop————$60 Costume

Ballet, Jazz and Tap Class—————————- $65 Costume

Levels 1-Elite Classes———————————- $70 per class 

Boy’s Costume Fee—————————————$40 per class


Insurance Fee and Liability Waiver

-There is a one time liability insurance fee of $25. 

-There is a liability waiver that must be signed by the first class.



-Parents/dancers can register for classes at

-Only register for classes if you/your dancer intends on taking classes. 

-Make sure to remember your user name and password when you create an account.

-When you register, the program will only allow you to sign up for classes according to the dancers age (as of September 1st). Contact us at to register for a class that did not show up.

-Teachers have authority to adjust any classes and leveling as needed. 



-Please do your best to make sure your child is attending class as much as possible. 

-E-mail the office at if your child is sick and unable to attend class. 

-If your dancer is absent, there will be no refund on tuition. 

-Teachers are not required to make up classes when your dancer is absent. 

-Dancers will be charged the full month of tuition regardless of when they drop out within the month.

-Office must be notified as soon as a student drops out. 

-There are no refunds on tuition no matter what. 


Class and Student Room Rules

-Be on time for classes. 

-No running around in the hallways, wait for class in a student room or with a parent. 

-Belongings must be secured in a locker or cubby, and coats need to be placed on coat hooks. 

-Stealing and bullying will not be tolerated. 

-Student rooms must be kept clean.

-Only water is allowed in the studios. 

-Food in the student room must be eaten on the table. 

-All preschoolers must be potty trained.

-No parents are allowed in the class rooms, except for set parent visitations.

-No street shoes in the studios, proper dance shoes are a must. 

Dress Code 

-A leotard and tights are worn for technique class, pointe class, preschool class, ballet/tap class and ballet, jazz and tap class. Colors do not matter for practice. 

-Tight athletic tank tops and leggings can be worn for all other classes. 

-Dance skirts can be worn for any classes but are not required.

-For tumbling classes bare feet are a must, if your dancer is wearing tights please make sure that they can transition into bare feet (many parents purchase transitional tights). 

-You can get most of your dance wear online at,, and many other sources. 

-Hair must be pulled back off of the face for all classes and into a bun for levels 1-Elite.



-There are two recitals throughout the year (winter and spring).

-A parent visitation will be held before every recital. Attendance is important because details of the upcoming recital are given out.

-There is a mandatory dress rehearsal before each recital.

-Dancers need to be ready in hair, makeup and costume for both dress rehearsal and recital. 

-Pictures will be taken at dress rehearsal.

-The schedule for dress rehearsal and recital will be posted one week prior to these events. 

-Recital performances will be at the Marshall High School Theater. 

-Check the calendar for specific dates. 



-Dancers 8 and under must be brought upstairs by an adult, and picked up upstairs by an adult.

-Please be on time to pick up your dancer.

-For snow days an email will be sent out notifying everyone. Please check your e-mails regularly for all MAD updates.  

-Payments do not go through individual teachers. You can pay online or drop off a check to the safety box in the MAD hallway.

-Cornering a teacher in the hallway or in-between classes will not be acceptable. Appointments with teachers must be set up in advance if necessary.

-Miss Breanna has the right to add and adjust any policies as needed. 


The staff and I are looking forward to an amazing year. Please feel free to contact the office at if you have any questions.


Thank you,


Miss Breanna 

© 2016 by Marshall Academy of Dance.