Tights and Shoes Needed For Both Recitals

 Shoes will be needed for everyday practice, but recital tights do not need to be ordered right away (start with practice tights or leggings first) **These are some examples/suggestions, but other brands and prices are just fine. 


  • Preschool Dance and Tumbling - pink ballet shoes and pink tights



  • Ballet/Tap - light suntan tights (convertible are always nice) and black tap shoes, pink ballet shoes will be needed for weekly practice 

Ballet shoe example:

Tap shoe example: 

  • Ballet Jazz and Tap - light suntan tights (convertible are always nice), pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes, tan jazz shoes can be used for practice as well, but are not required 


Ballet shoe example:




Tap shoe example: 

  • All tumbling classes - light suntan tights (convertible or stirrup) and barefoot 

  • Mini kids hiphop, level 1 hiphop, level 2 hiphop and level 3 hiphop -- light suntan convertible tights and black split sole hiphop sneakers

  • Level  4/elite hiphop - light suntan convertible tights and any type of clean athletic tennis shoe 

  • Jazz 1, 2 and 3 - tan jazz gore boots and light suntan tights ** MAKE SURE TO GET TAN

  • Level  4 & Elite Jazz - tan turners/pirouette shoes and light suntan stirrup tights  ** MAKE SURE TO GET TAN

  • Contemporary (all levels) - tan turners/pirouette shoes  and light suntan stirrup tights ** MAKE SURE TO GET TAN

  • Tap 1, 2, 3, 4 and elite tap - Black split sole slip on or tie tap shoes and light suntan tights 


  • Pointe - All new pointe students should wait until the teacher gives the go ahead to purchase shoes. Most new students will need to get professionally fitted over MEA break. More info will be emailed out to the parents once classes have started.   

  • Ballet Technique (all levels) - pink leather split sole ballet shoes and light pink tights

















Classes not in recital 

  • Strength and conditioning - can be barefoot, socks or dance shoes of choice

  • Jumps and turns - turners or jazz shoes


Weekly dress code:

-A leotard and tights are worn for technique class, pointe class, preschool class, ballet/tap class and ballet, jazz and tap class. Colors do not matter for practice. 

-Tight athletic tank tops and leggings can be worn for all other classes. 

-Dance skirts can be worn for any classes but are not required.

-For tumbling classes bare feet are a must, if your dancer is wearing tights please make sure that they can transition into bare feet (many parents purchase transitional tights). 

-You can get most of your dance wear online at dancewearsolutions.com, discountdance.com, amazon.com and many other sources. 

-Hair must be pulled back off of the face for all classes and into a bun for levels 1-Elite.

2021/2022 shoes and tights list will be coming soon! Please do not purchase anything until this page has been updated. Thank you!!